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 For anyone who had my problem.

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PostSubject: For anyone who had my problem.   Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:47 pm

I am really sorry if here isn't the right place, but this topic is more for the moderators than for "who had my problem". I don't know how to report something, I am new, i created the forum account only to tell how to fix a installation problem.

Some guys have their HDs divided... So one have a very low memory and other have a BIG memory remaining, because almost everything is installed in the main, "C:".

So, if in "C:" have less than 3GB you can't install the V62 GMS. I tried. Fail.

with the "GMS V62" FFStory puts in the "download page", in this case, can't be installed.

Sorry if i am making the wrong thing, just please don't ban me, delete this topic and I will be more careful next time Very Happy.

In the download in this page, the version don't need to be installed, so who have HD divided are free to play Very Happy.

OH! and the download is much faster for frees Very Happy

Moderators, This topic isn't made to be official, only to help guys with computer like mine who have never played a private maplestory, I have already, so i knew how to fix this problem it can be deleted and the link be put into the download screen, or other link with the same item, i don't know what type of link is it.

I hope help someone in the future Very Happy

Sorry my bad english I'm Br, I'm still learning to speak english =/
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For anyone who had my problem.
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