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 "Imagination" Event

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PostSubject: "Imagination" Event   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:09 pm

Hey Everyone
The FinalFantasyStory Forums needs a new banner and you have the chance to design it.
This is an event where your Imagination and Creativiness will be tested.
Now, It's easy to participate; All you have to do is desing a banner for the forums
This banner will have some requirements and will be rated
There will be only 1 winner BUT 3 consolation prizes

The requirements of the banner are:
- Must include the word " Forums "
- Must include the name of the server " Final Fantasy Story " (or FFStory)

- You may add quotes
- Don't add too many details
- Don't add too many BannedStory Characters
- Animated banner will give you MORE points

- REMEMBER : We will not judge on your PhotoShop Skills, We'll judge based on your Imagination and Creativity

- Other than Custom Items, Rare NX, Rare Chairs, Rare Mounts; We'll be giving a special surprise to the winner
- A small reward will be given to those who participate

We'll give you guys a deadline but for now start imaginating Smile
Post your banners in a new topic in "Event" section
Thank you

- Staff Members
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"Imagination" Event
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