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 Terms of Service

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PostSubject: Terms of Service   Thu May 13, 2010 6:38 pm


1. You must NOT be a Wizet/Nexon employee, family/relative/friend of a Wizet/Nexon employee,
and basically just have nothing to do with Wizet/Nexon IN GENERAL.
2. You must NOT be viewing this site for any other purpose than to play the server.
3. You must understand that we are not aware of any materials/images copyrighted by Wizet/Nexon on this site.
If there are, please contact us and we will get rid of them ASAP.

4. You must realise that we are NOT against Wizet/Nexon in any way, shape or form whatsoever.
All we are providing is a FREE, alternate method to enjoy the game - as we stated above.

5. No hacking, abusing glitches or whatsoever allowed. All standard gaming rules apply.
6. Anyone found hacking, abusing glitches or being a pain in the ass will be permanently banned - there will be NO second chances.
This is a free service, we expect co-operation so don't ruin it for us, the other players and yourself.
7. Kill-Stealing, flaming, hacking other's accounts, abuse of glitches and/or bugs or anything of the sort, is disallowed.
8. This is a free services, and you can't complain about server state, rollbacks or anything else.
You play it like it is. You may be banned from game in any moment and without any explications.
9. You must fully read and comprehend all of the above Terms and Conditions to enter the site.
10. After reading all of the above, you must have an idea of what we are getting at.

Please follow these rules

- Staff Members
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Terms of Service
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