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 an error when changing channel and cash shop error?

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PostSubject: an error when changing channel and cash shop error?   Sat May 22, 2010 9:44 am

Quote :
an error when changing channel?

Yes there is an error when you change channel!
Why? because when server is berely starts then each channel is trying to get connected to the server and if you change channel, you will recieve a blank page but you can always alt+tab! or....
So heres a better solution 'till we STAFFS fixed this problem!

If you want to change channel, Press "QUIT", then log back in to the channel you want or just wait for about 5-30mins till server is done refreshing its sql.

ANOTHER ERROR(in all private server) - Is THaT when you go to Cash Shop you get instant dc after about 30seconds... idk why but its common... and if you log back in again with same character you will get dc again and that is also common... but on the 2nd log you will not get dc!! Smile have fun!!!

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an error when changing channel and cash shop error?
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